The LaunchPad at Creative Learning Academy

November 19, 2018

“No great discovery was ever made without a bold guess.”  – Sir Isaac Newton
Having the ability to wonder, imagine, and create are qualities that makes us uniquely human. From the development of the wheel to the printing press, innovation has shaped mankind’s trajectory. As education molds the employees of the 21st century, educators are challenged with the task of cultivating curiosity and creativity in our students. At Creative Learning Academy, we believe that all children can be thorough problem solvers and self-directed producers. We want to provide every child with the opportunity to be whomever they desire, whether it is an artist, engineer, or designer. We believe that being open-minded to innovation and creativity is critical for our students as they prepare for high school, college, and beyond.

With this in mind, we’ve created the LaunchPad. It is a place for wonder, curiosity, questioning, exploring, failing, and succeeding; a space to empower students to believe in themselves and make an impact on their school, community, and the world.

The LaunchPad at Creative Learning Academy is an inventor’s space. The curriculum focuses on problem solving and innovative thinking. Teachers encourage student-centered learning and help to facilitate and guide independent thinking as students work on projects over an extended period of time. Our kindergarten through eighth grade students dive into a new Project Based Learning (PBL) activity each quarter. The projects include boat building, architecture, car design, and simple machines. Classes visit the LaunchPad weekly to create, test, and “launch” their unique designs. Each quarter begins with real world applications to facilitate a deeper understanding of the project. At the end of the session, we share and showcase the product.

We believe that curiosity, creativity, and innovation drive deep and meaningful learning. Engaging and empowering students to expand their critical thinking and communication skills through our LaunchPad program prepares children for the challenges of the 21st century as they become the problem solvers of the future.