Middle School Enrichment Courses

Enrichment Courses

At Creative Learning Academy we believe that students learn best by doing, experimenting, and communicating. They need to have opportunities to try new things without risk of failure. In support of this endeavor, we offer a wide range of enrichment choices for students in our Middle School program.

Our Expanded Core and Elective Program includes choices in the visual arts, performing and theatre arts, technology, engineering, leadership, communication, physical education, and wellness.  Students have two elective periods daily, with one period of physical education and a second student choice section.

Throughout the school year, Middle School students have additional opportunities to become involved in clubs, leadership programs, community service projects, student publications, and special events. Students participate in programs such as Student Council, winter and spring musical productions, yearbook, scheduled service learning days, essay and art competitions, History Fair, Sandy Sansing Spelling Bee, Tropicana Speech Contest, Best Robotics Competition, Science Olympiad, Geography Bee, and Battle of the Books. Interscholastic sports are an integral part of middle school and full participation is encouraged.

Experiential Learning and Passion Projects

At Creative Learning Academy nurturing creative problem solving and self-directed learning is a priority. As we prepare CLA students for the 21st century, we want to provide every child with the opportunity to create, engineer, and design. We believe that this kind of thinking is critical as our learners prepare for high school, college, and beyond.

With this in mind, our LaunchPad is a place for wonder, curiosity, questioning, exploring, failing, and succeeding. It is space where students work on design challenges, learn to develop critical thinking skills and make an impact on their school, community, and the world.

In sixth and seventh grade, students engage in an innovative hands-on learning activity related to a given theme. Challenges are presented and provide a framework allowing for research, creativity and reflection. Students have a scheduled weekly period in the LaunchPad to work on the quarterly challenge.

The LaunchPad gives all eighth grade students the chance to pursue a passion or a curiosity of their choosing. Students dive into a topic, and learn how to solve real-life problems through planning, implementing, documenting, evaluating, and presenting a project of their own design. The experience culminates with a formal presentation where they share the process and outcome of their project.