Field Trips

Field Trips

Creative Learning Academy expands its curriculum by offering field trips at all grade levels. Field trips bring learning to life, broaden the students’ horizons, and increase their motivation to learn. Field trips also provide unique opportunities for teachers and students to interact outside of the classroom and ignite a student’s desire to learn.

CLA’s youngest students begin taking field trips as part of the Preschool program.  They visit the zoo, local pet stores, and assisted living centers where they sing for the residents. This type of experiential learning continues with day trips throughout a student’s Lower School experience. Students have opportunities to visit local museums and the Exploreum in Mobile, attend musical performances, go on a scavenger hunt at the Gulf Islands National Seashore, learn about the stars at the Planetarium, and experience many attractions in historic Pensacola.

Fourth Grade: In the fourth grade, students study the history, culture and natural resources that are unique to the State of Florida. As part of a culminating experience, students participate in a full-day field trip to the state capitol in Tallahassee. While there, they visit the old and new capitol, meet with local representatives, visit the Museum of Florida History, and take a glass bottom boat tour of Wakulla Springs.

Fifth Grade: On a full-day trip Graham Creek Nature Preserve in Foley, Alabama, our students experience hundreds of plant and wildlife species, as well as a variety of natural habitats including pine savannas, bottomland wetlands, mixed forests and tidal marshes.

Sixth Grade: While on a 2-day trip to Camp Beckwith in Baldwin County, Alabama, CLA students focus on independence and team building skills. Students explore the Wolf Bay area and meet the challenges of the soaring ropes course.

Seventh Grade: In 7th grade, CLA students spend four days becoming environmental explorers at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab. While there,  students experience the saltwater marsh ecosystem by dragging seines, catching, and identifying marine animals, and by sieving shoveled-up marsh bottom samples.

Eighth Grade: Our annual Outward Bound trip is a life-changing experience for CLA students. Students travel to North Carolina for an eight-day outdoor wilderness experience that promotes self-discovery, inspires character development and impels the students to achieve more than they ever thought possible. One parent said that Outward Bound was the best trip that her daughter could have ever experienced. She said her daughter came home more mature, confident and ready to conquer the world. For most eighth grade students, this is the most memorable experience of their time at Creative Learning Academy.

These experiences, coupled with a challenging academic program, empower our graduates to become leaders, take healthy risks, and achieve their goals in high school and beyond. WE ARE CLA!!