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After School Clubs are a great way to spend time at CLA.


Students at our school have the opportunity to engage in a multitude of enjoyable and educational experiences through our diverse after-school program. We offer a range of specialized clubs, each tailored to cater to different interests, including ballet, art, Lego building, fitness, and music. These clubs, carefully curated to provide enriching experiences, are published on a quarterly basis, allowing students to explore various activities throughout the school year. Participation in these clubs requires an additional fee, ensuring the availability of quality resources and instruction. Our after-school clubs not only contribute to the holistic development of students but also create a vibrant and dynamic community where learning is not confined to the traditional classroom setting. Join us in unlocking the potential for fun and growth beyond the regular school day!

Questions about after school clubs and activities? Please contact Sidney Heindl Director of Student Life, for further details.