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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

CLA was founded almost 50 years ago with the goal of establishing a school based on freedom and happiness with a focus on student agency. Early in our school’s history, providing a culturally enriched learning environment was made a priority. That commitment is evident as you walk our campus and meet students who represent a variety of racial, cultural and religious backgrounds.

Our goal is to prepare our graduates to be responsible citizens in an ever-changing global community where cultural competencies, collaboration, empathy, and inclusion are essential skills. We challenge our students to recognize that they are an integral part of the success of the world around them.

To accomplish these goals, we believe students must pursue knowledge, challenge assumptions, value humanity, and possess an appreciation for others’ thoughts and beliefs. At CLA students are given the opportunity to seek intellectual challenges, and use research and discernment to form opinions and inform decisions. Finally, we believe that students must give time and effort to causes which improve the community for all citizens.

We are uniquely situated to take on the hard work of ensuring an inclusive, safe and welcoming community that embraces differences and promotes respect for each individual. Through a variety of events and experiences, we hope that each member of our school community will understand the role they can play in fostering equality and inclusion.