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Middle School

In Middle School, we build on the skills mastered in the early grades and guide students to become independent and confident learners and leaders. Classroom instruction is differentiated to meet the needs of each unique learner. Students are understood as individuals and encouraged to take risks, explore new activities, and discover their passions.

With the young adolescent brain in mind, our faculty encourages students to pursue knowledge, think critically, and communicate effectively. Expanded enrichments include choices in the visual arts, performing and theatre arts, technology, engineering, leadership, communication, physical education, and wellness.

Our supportive teachers strive to teach both the heart and the mind. Through our advisory program, each middle school teacher serves as a “parent on campus” for his/her advisees and stays with those students for two years. Through daily small group or individual meetings, the advisory program teaches students to value themselves and appreciate the individuality of others.

Through a range of core academic and enrichment programs, Creative Learning Academy strives to meet the academic, social, and emotional needs of all students. Graduates are confident, creative problem solvers, prepared to meet the challenges of high school and college.

Fifth Grade - Eighth Grade