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Lower School

CLA's Lower School serves children in Grades Kindergarten through Fourth. In these formative years, we cultivate a nurturing environment that fosters the growth and development of young minds. Our approach emphasizes not only academic excellence but also the cultivation of integrity, honesty, and a deep-rooted appreciation for intercultural awareness. At CLA, we believe in fostering a supportive and caring community where students are not only encouraged to think beyond the traditional confines of the classroom but are also empowered to explore creative ideas and embrace intellectual risks. Our seasoned faculty, committed to excellence, guides students through effective communication and the development of collaborative skills, laying the foundation for them to evolve into innovative problem solvers. At CLA's Lower School, we aspire to inspire a love for learning that transcends the ordinary, shaping the leaders and critical thinkers of tomorrow.

Kindergarten - Fourth Grade

Art teacher and student working on an art project
3rd grade class picture on the playground
Student working.
Students working on computers.
Kindergarten students working.
Three students playing on the playground.
Lower school girls smiling on the playgorund.
Student working at his desk.
Kindergarten student working at his desk.