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Middle school students in science class.

Students love our school. Parents love our results.

For over 50 years, Creative Learning Academy has delivered a high-quality education, consistently achieved academic excellence and employed dedicated teachers committed to cultivating their students' educational and emotional growth. Our core values of knowledge, character, innovation, and leadership guide our approach to learning. Our close-knit school community values individuality and sets high expectations for our students, encouraging them to discover their unique talents and nurture their intellectual curiosity. Our dedicated teachers serve as mentors, guiding each student toward reaching their highest potential. Through this nurturing process, students develop a deep appreciation for curiosity, a love for knowledge, and the motivation to push beyond their limits.

This love of learning begins in our Preprimary program. We believe that children are born with an innate curiosity about the world around them. Our Montessori-based classrooms are student-centered and focus on the individual and their developmental needs. Young children learn best when they can experiment, take risks, and explore their environment driven by their own sense of wonder. As a result, the classroom is carefully prepared in a way that responds to a preschooler’s need to learn and grow. 

Our Lower School program focuses on creating joyful learning experiences that continue to emphasize the love of learning. Teachers consider their students' abilities, interests, and prior knowledge to generate engaging educational activities throughout the school year. Through regular reflection, self-evaluation, and support, students gradually begin to take ownership of their learning.

In Middle School, we understand the complexities of adolescence and celebrate our students during this unique period of growth. Our program develops not only specific knowledge and skills but also nurtures caring relationships with teachers and offers developmentally appropriate opportunities for students to take action and apply their learning. This cultivates the habits of critical thinking, and empathy, leading to meaningful personal growth and academic success. By graduation, students have a strong sense of ownership over their education and possess the skills necessary to excel in any academic path. 

At Creative Learning Academy, our mission is to prepare students to learn, lead, and become the creative problem solvers of our future. We go beyond high school preparation. Our focus is to graduate students who confidently learn throughout their lives, understand the importance of being good citizens, and want to make a positive impact on the world.


Melissa Sontag
Associate Head of School