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Support CLA

Please consider a gift today!

“A dream of a school where children are free to learn and happy to learn… a school that with mastery of each new skill their self-confidence increases and their love of learning grows.”  These are the words of the founder, Mary Lee Porter Hanson, and the year was 1972.  For a generation, Creative Learning Academy has carried out Mrs. Hanson's vision of creating a vibrant and engaging school culture that nutures its students academically, emotionally, culturally and socially. In order to preserve the school and ensure its success for the next generation, we must create a culture of giving to ensure financial stability and longevity.

Our CLA community members - students, parents, grandparents, faculty and alumni - are central to enhancing our academic programs, supporting professional development for our faculty, and improving facilities. Each gift expands learning opportunities for our students and contributes to the overall success of our school and our community.

There are several ways to support the school and we ask that you consider a gift of time, talent, or treasure that would be meaningful to you:

  • Make a donation to the 2017-18 Dragon Fund.
  • Sponsor the Bayou Hills Run or another school event.
  • Make a donation to the Dragon Jubilee Auction.
  • Participate in and attend school fundraising events.
  • Serve as volunteer on a school committee or event.
  • Attend Parent Association Meetings

We appreciate your consideration and hope you will make a decision to invest, once again, in the Creative Learning Academy. 

We are CLA!