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Dear Students and Parents:
“Campus Cuisine” is pleased to offer our lunch service for Creative Learning Academy. We have served schools throughout the USA, since 1996. Campus Cuisine provides specialties from local restaurants, including natural and organic options, whenever possible. Choose from dozens of entrees and sides, which vary in portion size and price, so you may assemble lunches fitting your student’s appetite and your budget!
Campus Cuisine’s online ordering process provides many flexible options. Orders may be placed up until 11:00 am the day before, and may be pre-ordered weekly, monthly or by semester. Changes and cancellations may also be made online.
Please visit our website at  and follow the steps below to order. Instructions are also on the website under the “Parent/Student Information” tab. If you need further assistance, email or call 404-406-4017.
Step 1 – New customers should click “Register” to create your family’s user name
and password. The Access Code is lunch101. Existing customers go to step 2.
Step 2 - Click “Log in” and review the “Terms and Conditions”. The deadline for orders and cancellations is noon the day before. In the event of a timely cancellation for any reason, you will receive an account credit, redeemable for future orders during the same school year. Credits are non-refundable and expire at the end of each school year.
Step 3 - “Log in” and add a student profile for each child. These must be recreated at
the beginning of each school year.
Step 4 - Click “View Menu” to see and print the menu before ordering.
Step 5 – Click “Manage Orders” to add, change or cancel an order. Select the number of months that you wish to view. Click on the raspberries to see the selections for each weekday.
Step 6 – Payment options include VISA, MC and AMEX credit or debit cards.
Step 7 – Click “manage orders” to confirm your order. Lunches should no longer say
“pending”. After lunches have been delivered they can be viewed in “Lunch History”.

Thank you for ordering Campus Cuisine!

Kathryn Kreimer – President/CEO