Open, Diverse, Nurturing
Open, Diverse, NurturingYour school. Your community.
Challenging Curriculum, Exceptional Results
Challenging Curriculum, Exceptional ResultsYour school. Your community.
Diversity of Cultures, Interests, and Strengths
Diversity of Cultures, Interests, and StrengthsYour school. Your community.
Creative, Confident Learners
Creative, Confident LearnersYour school. Your community.
Teachers, Mentors, Role Models
Teachers, Mentors, Role ModelsYour school. Your community.

Back to School Orientation
August 12th
8:30 am- 10:30 am

Questions? Call 850.432.1768

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Our Mission

Creative Learning Academy nurtures and strengthens
each child's foundation of academic excellence,
creativity, independence and integrity in a
culturally enriched community.